EGI Enables Jasmy Coin Payment on SAKURA NFT Platform

|About Jasmy Coin

A blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, XRI has revealed that Jasmy Coin, a native crypto asset for data security and sharing services will be available on the Sakura NFT marketplace. The Jasmy Coin listing on the marketplace adds to the fast-growing Sakura ecosystem which has witnessed astronomical growth since its launch.

Jasmy Coin is a native cryptocurrency created by Jasmy Incorporated, which was established in 2016 by a former CEO of Sony Corporation. This token is distributed when users provide their information to the Jasmy IoT platform. It is expected that they can be used for various purposes. This collaboration is aimed at broadening and expanding the ecosystem of the parties involved in it.

If you want to know more Jasmy, please visit here👇

Click here to watch Jasmy’s PR video👇

|About SAKURA NFT Platform

SAKURA NFT Platform is a marketplace for NFTs created by Japanese creators to be shared with the world. The platform also aims to be entertaining and dreamy for those who believe in the infinite possibilities of NFTs. To this end, we have recently invited famous celebrities, athletes, and up-and-coming creators and provided them with NFT-related products and golden tickets. It is expected that many more creators will join this platform in the future.

Past NFT collaborations with athletes and opera singers.

The brand message, “Tokimekirameki,” expresses the hope that both creators and users will be able to blossom the beauty that lies within them.

About EGI

Mission : Creating the next generation of esports on the blockchain

eGame Initiative Ltd. (EGI) creates unprecedented and meaningful engagement between esports fans and players. eGame platform enables users to build communities, provide insights, create unprecedented tournaments, secure betting, and support the growth of up-and-coming esports players around the world.

This picture shows the technology integration of the eGame platform for the expansion and promotion of esports.

Please play test-version in eGame platform

EGI Promotion Video

|Official Links

・Official website:




◇SAKURA NFT Platform






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eGI official medium

eGI official medium

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