eGAME To Be Listed On Coineal on June 30th

What eGAME does:
eGAME is going to provide a real engagement in between eSports players and fans. On the foundation of eGAME platform, it is said to develop a wide variety of services. The original token eGI will be listed on Coineal, which is a world leading global digital asset exchange with high liquidity and security suitability.

The Project:

eGAME platform is built on blockchain technology, which can use smart contract technology and eGI, the native token of eGame, and has various functions available to eSports players and fans. Game organizers, game providers, advertising and event sponsors and other related facilities and real information, such as advertisements, can be used to access the e-Gaming platform through MR technology. This will enable effective product placement by game stakeholders. On the base of the platform, there are various features ready such as P2P Bets and NFT Features.

What is Coineal?

Coineal is a relatively new crypto asset exchange that was founded in Hong Kong in April 2018. It has been attracting global attention due to its abundant trading volume. Currently (2021), Coineal has 7.5 million KYC users from all over the world, including South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Europe, and China, with an average of 100~200 billion transactions per day. Coineal keeps 98% of its digital assets in a cold wallet, thus minimizing the risk of hacking. In addition to the use of cold wallets, we have also adopted multi-signature, offline signatures, and hierarchical architecture to ensure the best security measures.

What is IEO?

An IEO is an ICO project that is endorsed by an exchange, and in order to qualify as an IEO project, the project must pass the exchange’s various screening processes. The exchange acts as an intermediary to promote and sell the project to users. Usually, token sales are conducted through a lottery, which can multiply thousands of times. However, if you are selected, you will be able to purchase the tokens at a premium price.

P2P Bets
In such industry, eGAME is going to provide “The world first integrated eGAME platform” that deals betting. Individual users can place bets directly on matches and tournaments by activating the option. Player-to-player (P2P) wagering is protected by smart contract technology and meticulous internal moderation.

NFT Features

With the eGame platform, gamers are able to create their own exclusive digital goods in the technical form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With the P2P Bets eGame platform, gamers can create and auction their own exclusive digital goods in the technical form of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs are digital goods and can be auctioned.

NFT Exchange

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital goods (usually media files such as images and videos) that are closely tied to digital hashes on the blockchain and are the actual owners of the original asset. It can be checked. For example, creating an NFT. Players can create their own NFTs through this platform. Images and videos taken during the game may be used.
You can even use the NFT trading platform. NFT creators and traders can auction NFTs on the NFT trading platform..

eGI Staking

eGame enables users to become more involved in the platform through eGI’s staking model. Staking allows eGI users to access private bets and join the community to earn eGI rewards.

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